Noelle Hallerud

Office Manager and Supervising Tax Advocate

My name is Noelle Hallerud. I enjoy working at Individualized Systems because the unique blend of services that we offer means that I get to do something different every day. My week can start off with fast paced detail work and end with routine paperwork. One minute I am navigating the tricky paperwork of a general contractor, and the next minute I have to switch gears and compute itemized deductions on a teacher’s personal tax return. Some days I am a bookkeeper, some days a tax preparer, and some days I protect our clients from the IRS and the State Comptroller.   There are even some days where I am a handyman, since I still handle most of the general repairs around our office. I may get tired at work, but I am never bored.

I have worked as a farmer, soldier, tutor, carpenter, medic and bartender, and my educational background is mostly in the sciences. I received a B.S. from UTEP in 1997. I fell into this field by accident, but my job fits well with my skills. I enjoy solving problems and looking at patterns for the one thing that doesn’t fit. I also enjoy writing the letters to taxing authorities that is such a big part of our practice. I am currently studying for the Enrolled Agent’s exam so that I can take an even larger part in our work representing taxpayers with tax problems.

Individualized Systems does work for some of the most wonderful people in El Paso, Las Cruces and Juarez, and I love getting to know our clients and their businesses. As a veteran of the US Army, I am goal-oriented, and I like to think that I help keep the staff focused on our mission, which is to provide professional quality service to El Paso’s small business community.