IS LOGO“In 2011 the IRS closed down our business, took our tools and equipment, and cleared our bank account. We were scared and felt like there was no way out. Right when we were about to throw in the towel, we were blessed and fell into the hands of Individualized Systems. In one day they got our business back for us and gave us hope. Individualized Systems always talked to us with patience and respect and explained everything in both Spanish and English! They understand what we need to know to stay solvent. They fixed our tax problem and have helped us triple our income. We highly highly recommend Individualized Systems to everyone! Call Individualized Systems and we promise you won’t regret it!”  -Mauro C., Business Owner

IS LOGO  “The Auditor told me that his co-workers don’t like to work with Kimbe because she’s TOO good! I feel safer having her and her staff as my advocates.” Lea S., Health Services Company Controller

IS LOGO  “When I found out that the IRS wanted $647,000 in back payroll taxes I was extremely concerned about losing everything, especially when I got the lien letters. I contacted a tax attorney and was told the IRS wouldn’t accept anything less than 25% of what I owed. I then contacted Kimberly since she had helped me before. I couldn’t believe it when she said she thought she could get the debt settled for a mere 1.5 cents on the dollar with just 24 easy monthly payments. I got a letter today, my birthday, that said the offer was accepted. It felt like a lengthy process, but it was worth the wait. I’m so glad we stuck with it.” Carlos G., Chiropractor and Business Owner

IS LOGO  “Kimbe has the answers I need and she shows me how to keep more of my money. My finances are so much better since I came to her.”Dave J., Multiple Business Owner

IS LOGO  “I have been filing taxes for 47 years, and I can unequivocally state that Kimberly Shaw is the most professional, ethical, and knowledgeable tax consultant/preparer to ever assist me in the planning, preparation, and filing of my personal and business taxes. Kimberly Shaw’s tax planning advice has been invaluable in legally minimizing my tax obligations. Her tax preparation has further ensured that I have never had any difficulties with the IRS – and that is very important to all of us. I have retained them even though I moved from El Paso over two years ago.” Richard O., Federal Judge

IS LOGO  “Kimbe, I want to thank you for everything you did to fix my tax problem. I can’t believe they finally accepted the offer. I just did the math and you got us paid off for 22.5 cents on the dollar! You can be sure I’ll be sending you clients for the next 100 years.” David B, Entrepreneur

IS LOGO  “I have known these people for more than 15 years and I have found them to be diligent, professional and responsible. They stand behind their work and take the extra time to make sure it’s done right and that their clients pay the least amount of tax possible without getting you in trouble with the IRS. They seem to know the tax laws better than anyone I’ve ever met and make recommendations that will give their customers future tax breaks as well as current ones. I highly recommend their services for not only preparation, but especially for anyone having tax problems.” Eddie S., Self Employed Business Owner

IS LOGO  “Kimbe got me back on my feet so I could quit worrying about taxes and concentrate on my business and family.” Marta L., Multiple Business Owner

IS LOGO  “Thanks for your help. We really appreciate everything you are doing. I feel there is no one as smart and sensible as you when it comes to looking out for us. And, to imagine, you found $13,000 of unclaimed deductions! You’re the best! Thank you.” Laurie R., Independent Contractor & Nurse

IS LOGO  “I owed the IRS $60,000 when I met with Ms. Shaw and her staff. When I got the IRS letter, I almost had a heart attack. I read the letter over and over because it had to be a mistake. They were offering me a payoff of $4,230! I just couldn’t believe it. To this day, I cannot believe this happened. Ms. Shaw knows what she is doing, cares about her client immensely and will fight for you until she gets what she wants. She has been amazing and because of her I am on my way to getting my life back on track.” F. Hernandez, Sales Commissions Employee


Some of the above are exact, direct quotes and some are paraphrased from longer letters of thanks. However, nothing has been fabricated, embellished, or altered to change or improve what was said.