Record Keeping

IS LOGO  Bookkeeping
IS LOGO  Financial Reporting
IS LOGO  Financial Statement and Records Analysis
IS LOGO  Education and instruction on records and record-keeping
IS LOGO  Payroll Assistance

services2Federal and State Tax

IS LOGO  Preparation of Income, Sales, Payroll and Franchise Tax Reports
IS LOGO  Preparation of corrected and amended tax reports
IS LOGO  Negotiation and Representation with Taxing Authorities
IS LOGO  Tax Examination Preparation and Representation
IS LOGO  Tax Settlement Representation
IS LOGO  Tax Payment arrangements
IS LOGO  Education and instruction on business, sales and payroll taxation

services3Financial Services

IS LOGO  Forensic Books and Records Examination
IS LOGO  Budget Creation and Analysis
IS LOGO  Expansion Analysis
IS LOGO  Financial Needs Assessment
IS LOGO Bankruptcy plan and court reports assistance

Prepared Seminars available on all above topics